Touch Up Presets

Project Description

This video gives you a quick tour through using Exposure’s portrait touch up presets. They help you quickly refine your photos. The presets add several portrait retouching layers in a single mouse click. Each covers the fundamental touch ups you’ll need, such as soften skin, enhance iris, whiten teeth and more.

Photo: Halftone Studios

The new Portrait Touch Up category provides three new presets.

Each speeds up your portrait retouching by layering a selection of Exposure’s retouching brush tools. They cover the fundamental portrait refinements you’ll need, and add additional ones for more specialized adjustments.

Each is nondestructive, and can be customized as much as you like. They make great starting points, and free you up from having to create different portrait retouching layers from scratch each time you edit an image.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

Touch Up covers the retouching basics. There’s a layer for whitening teeth, a layer for enhancing irises, and a layer for softening skin.

In each layer, you use Exposure’s intuitive brush tool to apply the effect. Click on the layer mask to open the brush. Adjust the brush settings as you need, then brush on the effect.

To adjust the intensity of the layer, use the Opacity slider.

When using these touch up presets, it’s best to start at the bottom layer and work your way up. I’m starting in the Whiten Teeth layer. Next I’d work in the Enhance Iris layer, and finally in the Soften Skin layer.

Let’s take a look at the other two touch up presets.

The Touch Up + Background preset has the same layers for whitening teeth, enhancing irises, and softening skin. It also has a Blur & Darken Background layer so you can draw attention to your subject.

Finally, there’s the Touch Up + Red Eye preset. So you can whiten teeth, enhance irises, soften skin, and remove any unwanted red eye in your subjects.