Organizing with Keywords

Project Description

This video demonstrates the use of Exposure’s new keywords feature. Learn how this feature helps you organize and search your photo library.

Photo: Halftone Studios


Keywords are a great way to classify your images. This is useful in a number of ways:

  • For organizing your photo library
  • For quickly searching and filtering
  • For making your photos easily searchable online, such as on stock photo sites if you sell your work

Exposure makes it easy for you to add keywords to your photos. A good time to apply keywords is when you’re copying your images from your camera card.

In the Metadata panel, click the Keyword icon and enter your keyword in the Apply Keyword field. You can enter as many as you like. Just press Enter after each one, or use a comma to separate them.

I’ve got a card full of wedding photos that I want to apply several event-related keywords to. I’ll type common information for all of the photos such as the venue, the location, and other vendors in the Apply Keyword field. Then I’ll click OK to copy my images with these new keywords applied.

You’ll find the keywords tools in the Metadata panel. The Keywords and Apply Keywords field are here, and below is the Keyword Library, which is the collection of all the keywords from your photos. If you haven’t created any keywords yet, the library will be empty.

Add a keyword to your image by typing it in the Apply Keywords field. It’s now added to your keyword library. From that point on, you can simply click it in your keyword library to apply it to your selected image.

To remove one or more keywords from your image, just click on the X to the right of the keyword that applies to the image.

In the keyword library, you can view your keywords in several different ways: by recent, by all, or by sets. A keyword set is a grouping of keywords under a larger theme. Here’s one that I created for weddings.

You can also filter All and Sets, which is helpful when you’ve got a lot of keywords. And you can add new keywords or new keyword sets. To filter your photos by keyword, click on the Keyword icon in Exposure’s filter panel.

I’ll type some of the keywords I created earlier, so that I’m only seeing my wedding images. One helpful aspect of Exposure’s design is that keywords live in a photos sidecar file. So if you copy a folder of images to another computer, the keywords will come right along with it, along with your edit history, star ratings, color labels, and other metadata.

When you’re exporting photos, you can control whether Exposure will include keywords in your exported files. You can control that with the Export Keywords checkbox, found here on the metadata panel.

As you can see, using keywords in Exposure X3 helps you organize your photos and make them easily searchable.