Snap Art 4


Snap Art: Getting Started

Demonstrates the basics of using Snap Art, including how to launch it from Photoshop and Lightroom.

Photo: Jeff Butterworth

Snap Art: Lightroom

This video shows how to launch Snap Art from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It also shows you how to batch process images with Snap Art.

Images © Joe Payne.

Snap Art: Detail Masking

This video shows you how to apply selective adjustments to specific areas of your image to enhance details, draw attention to your subject, etc.

Photo: Dustin Abbott


Snap Art 4 Shortcut Keys

Click through to this page for a list of all Snap Art 4’s shortcut keys.

Color to Black & White Conversion

To get great results from Pencil Sketch, you usually need to experiment with the black & white conversion controls. This article shows how.

Printing Advice for Snap Art

Images from Snap Art look really fantastic when printed and hung on your wall. Check out this article for some great tips and recommendations on getting the best results.

Pencil Sketches Made Easy

Snap Art’s pencil sketch effect delivers great results at the click of a button. In this article, we show you how to use the mask feature in order to refine your image and provide added detail where needed.

Snap Art for Video

Aside from stills, Snap Art works great with video images too. Take a look at these videos for details.

Advice from Photographers

Here are some useful articles by professional photographers on getting the most from Snap Art:

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