Unlimited Creative Choices

Here are some of our favorite styles and media types available in Snap Art 4. There are many more factory presets and you can create your own looks too!

To explore all the styles, you can purchase Snap Art or try it yourself for free.


Snap Art Color Pencil
Snap Art Comics
Snap Art Crayon
Snap Art Impasto
Snap Art Oil Paint: Thick
Oil Paint - Dry
Snap Art Pastel
Snap Art Pencil Sketch
Snap Art Pointillism
Snap Art Stylize
Snap Art Watercolor
Snap Art Gallery


Snap Art helps you create beautiful portraits. When printed on canvas or fine art paper, the finished work of art appears handmade. The detail mask lets you fine tune the portrait around faces and other critical areas.



Take your outdoor photographs in a new direction by turning them into paintings and pencil sketches. A single photo can become multiple works of art with completely different moods.


Graphic Art

Aside from more classical styles like oil painting and watercolor, Snap Art can render a wide range of modern looks including comics, stylize and crayon.

Exposure X Bundle
Snap Art is part of the Exposure X2 Bundle, our collection of photography tools.

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Snap Art 4 Turn your photos into works of art.