Alien Skin News: September 2012
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Back to School Sale

Today (September 25th) is the final day of our back to school sale. Visit our store to get 30% off on everything.

If you need unbiased advice on our products, then some rave reviews just came out. For Exposure, there is Lee Morris at Fstoppers and Martin Taylor at The Candid Frame. William Ray at The Gadgeteer covers Snap Art.

Tony Sweet Tutorial


Tony Sweet wrote a tutorial in our blog for a photo aging project. He said, "I wanted an image that had the feel of a very old photo like it was discovered in an old chest." The process involves Exposure and a few other Photoshop steps.

The Mushroom Project


Jeff recently fell in love with mushroom photography. You might be surprised to see how much natural beauty there is in your neighborhood. Just keep your eyes peeled and spend some time crawling around in the shrubbery.

Flickr in September

The work in our Flickr group has been terrific all summer. The blog post shows off some of the best of the past month.


Blog Highlights

Jeff pointed out good Exposure presets for portraits. In a separate article, he praised invisible features. Jimmy and his squid continue to encourage your inner artist with thoughts on quitting, resting, and tutorials.

Show and Tell

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