Alien Skin News: August 2012
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We just released Pintograph, an app for the iPhone and iPad that draws complex line art. This was one of our fun side projects, so for now it is free in the App Store.

We are finishing up a photography app that will bring some Exposure looks to the iPhone. More on that in a month or two!

More Travel Photography


We followed up last month's travel photography article with a few more. Some photos from Michael Toye helped illustrate our idea that you can find beauty anywhere, even in your own backyard. We share ideas for using our software in travel situations. Jeff suggests travel destinations that make it easy to take spectacular photos.

Draw Outside the Lines

Stop by to read a story about how Alien Skin Software got off the ground by cheating a little. Normally we try to be good citizens, but sometimes you have to bend rules to give your customers what they want.

Nurture Your Inner Artist

Jimmy continues his Inner Artist series with thoughts on finding your passion and screwing up on purpose. Jimmy's charming squid demonstrates each idea.

Flickr in August

August brought a flurry of new photos to our Flickr group pool. If you've been waiting for the right time to take a look, now's your chance.


Show and Tell

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