Alien Skin News: July 2012
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Old Timey Planes

Dave Wendt sent us some photos shot from a biplane that he ran through Exposure for an aged look. The shot above uses one of the presets for old Kodachrome. We have a few video tutorials related to these looks that cover the topics of Vintage and Textures.

Travel Photography


Jeff wrote an article on getting good photos out of vacations. His approach is pretty low key, but could help you find more beauty in your travels.

Flickr in July

July was a month full of photo-sharing awesomeness. The blog post shows off a few shots. Head over to the Flickr group pool to see the rest of them.


Blog Highlights

If you're interested in the art of folding paper, learn how to make a camera on an extreme budget. While you're there, take a look at a few hundred portraits from Edouard Janssens or pick up some tips on how to have fun with Snap Art.


At Alien Skin we value teaching, even if it slows down our work a little.

Show and Tell

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