Alien Skin News: May 2012
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Christopher Wilson

At the top of the newsletter you can see a photo from Christopher Wilson that we used in a recent Photo Bundle ad. He gave it a nudge with Exposure, but it was a gorgeous photo even before the nudge. Stop by the blog to learn more about Christopher's work, including a project to save wild horses in North Dakota.

$12,000 in Donations

Once a year, each team member at Alien Skin chooses a charity to receive $1000. This year we donated a total of $12,000. Stop by our blog to see a list of the charities. We hope this inspires you or your employer to help organizations that improve our world.

Infrared Tutorial

Kodak HIE

Jimmy made a new video about the infrared effects in Exposure 4. It covers both black & white and the new color infrared film types. Check it out if you want to explore the ethereal glow, contrast, and color shifts of infrared without modifying your camera.

Natural Light

Kodak HIE

Brian Mullins wrote a detailed article for us on shooting with natural light. It is full of practical techniques he developed through his wedding and senior photography. Stop by to learn how to make your outdoor portraits shine!

Photoshop CS6 Compatibility

All of our current products work great with Photoshop CS6. If you are having trouble or the installer can't find Photoshop CS6 then get the latest installer from our web site.

Best of Flickr

There was a record amount of new photos added to our Flickr group pool last month. Check out the blog post to see if your shots were included.


Blog Highlights

Jimmy shared a bunch of fun discoveries, like obliterated gadgets. Alberto Seveso's work is playful, energetic, and definitely worth a look. Learn how to photograph the International Space Station from Shane Murphy or review the basics of F-stop with Dylan Bennett. See how Tony Sweet uses watercolor from Snap Art and get fashion shooting tips from Luc Coiffait.

Jeff shared 2048x2048 pixel versions of six of the textures created by Asdiel's experimental graphics programming language. He also warns against becoming too enthusiastic with a calculator when starting a product and shared a fun video about slow-motion mayhem.

Show and Tell

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