Alien Skin News: April 2011
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Jimmy's Photoshop Magic

Jimmy made a video that shows how he replaced the text on bottles in the Exposure 4 about box. This is purely a Photoshop tutorial, no plug-ins involved. The results are pretty magical.

In a separate article, Jimmy lists his 10 favorite Photoshop shortcut keys. There is a little Photoshop fakery in the photo in that article that I didn't notice until Jimmy pointed it out.


Ivan's Exposure Advice

Ivan Burlaka helped Jimmy write an article on how he created the beautiful photo below. Exposure is just one of the many tools and techniques he used.

Ivan Burlaka
2012 Ivan Burlaka.

Peter Nguyen

Some of our favorite photographers helped us with ads for Exposure 4 and they turned out beautifully. We will highlight one photographer each month. First up is Peter Nguyen who created the photo below. Stop by our blog to learn about Peter and see more of his work with stunning models.

Ivan Burlaka
2012 Peter Nguyen.

Best of Flickr

The Alien Skin Software Flickr group pool has been growing fast. Head over to the blog post to see if your shots made it this month.


Blog Highlights


Jeff related an experience that helped him appreciate the hard work of other people. In other articles he embraces more uncertainty and less bureaucracy.

Corrie White creates stunning art from macro shots of water drops. Also check out macro bug shots from Dusan Beno and the exotic car photography of Dave Wendt.

This live flowing wind map of the United States is mesmerizing. So is ephemeral art drawn on the ground.

Happy spring from Alien Skin!.

Show and Tell

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