Alien Skin News: March 2011
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Exposure Reviews

It's gratifying to read the positive reviews of Exposure 4 that are starting to appear. Tyson Robichaud shows great example photos, like the one above. Erik Vlietinck's review does the best job of explaining why Exposure's user interface is so friendly yet powerful. Erik's review inspired Tom to write an article on user interface improvements in Exposure 4 and the reasons behind them. There aren't many photos in Erik's review, but you can visit the Exposure 4 web pages for plenty of examples, videos, or a free trial.

Tips from Our Winners

Jimmy interviewed Shabnam Khosrowshahi and David Hodson in separate blog articles about how they use Exposure. Both won our Thanks for Sharing award and are great Flickr contributors.

2012 Shabnam Khosrowshahi.


If you aren't familiar with our shortcut keys then I suggest that you read this article and watch this video. It will make you more productive with Photoshop too because we use many of the same shortcuts.

Flickr in March

Check out the Alien Skin Software Flickr group pool. It's been growing by leaps and bounds. Look at the blog post to see if your shots made it in.


Blog Highlights

Our personal experiences with customer support are why we put so much effort into it.

We got a surprising amount of positive feedback from Jeff's article on the joy of giving up.

A review of Snap Art 3 surprised us by showing that it works great on simple illustrations.

Plus, learn how to turn your phone into a microscope, watch a stunning solar flare video, and see cool space images.

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