Alien Skin News: January 2012

Exposure 4 is beautiful, fast, and easier to explore. It will be available in February 2012. Read all about it in the blog.

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A long time photographer friend of Alien Skin Software, Christian Popkes, recently completed a photography exhibition of epic proportions. His installation was part of the Schömberg Photo Festival in Germany. Blow Up helped make his monster prints.

Best of © 2012 Christian Popkes.

We started 2012 with plenty of action over in our Flickr group pool. You still have time to make it a resolution this year. It's okay if you get a late start.

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A few people thought the recent Photo Bundle price drop was a holiday sale. Nope, it's permanent.

If work follows you home then find a way to take a break with another creative outlet. If you need some inspiration then watch this video.

Jeff shared some pictures from the snorkeling trip that inspired his underwater photography article. He also wrote an article on using the background as the subject of your photo.

If you are still using Snap Art 2 (not version 3 that we are selling now) then read this article to make sure you get an update.

The blog is our fountain of information that feeds the newsletter. If you use an RSS reader then grab the feed. We post most articles to Facebook, Twitter, and sometimes the Flickr group.

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