Alien Skin News: November 2010

Our new support system has a well organized article library. We have plenty of tech support help in there, but the fun part is the Tips & Tricks section. There you will find interesting topics like how to make 3-D metal gears, how to start a filter with a shortcut key, and even some extra presets for Exposure 3. We will be highlighting some of the more interesting articles in the blog, so subscribe to our RSS feed if you're interested.

Fuji Velvia
This photo was part of "Getting that Fuji Velvia Look in Exposure" Tutorial found here.

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If you like us in real life then please like us on Facebook! Then you'll occasionally see our more interesting articles in your news feed. On our Facebook page you can see the best of the blog, product update announcements, and our YouTube videos. Over time I'm sure we will find more fun stuff to add. We keep an eye on the page, so feel free to comment on our wall posts.

Blog Bonanza!

As promised, we are keeping the blog hopping. Sure there are posts about our products, but we know you really want pretty pictures, photography advice, and random fun stuff. We have plenty, including articles about freelensing, photography iPhone apps, mesmerizing space photos, cloud surfing, and the best of our Flickr group. Subscribe to our RSS feed for more!

Here are a few of the latest Flickr photos. Flickr-Best-Of

     Image © 2010 Ben Spiker

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