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We first encountered Nels Akerlund through The American People Project where he frequently uses Bokeh. Since then, you’ve seen his beautiful photography in the newsletter. Most recently, Nels became a valuable advisor on Exposure 3 and helped us make an ad for it. Part of the photo we used is above and the full ad can be seen here. I think it perfectly captures the natural organic look that Exposure can impart.

All the interesting projects on his blog give me the impression that Nels never sleeps. One of my favorites is this time lapse movie of a shoot of a bride on a white horse.

Shiny New Exposure 3 Videos

Our newest alien is Jimmy Beech! [applause sign lights up] His first great achievements are the new Exposure 3 videos. Jimmy is making us more polished. The Exposure 3 introduction video looks more like a TV ad than our usual nerdy home movies. Check out the videos to see all the fantastic new features in Exposure 3!

Exposure 3 vidoes

Chrome Tutorial

The Digital Media Artists Group is an energetic user group that has been cranking out a lot of articles on our products lately. Joe Chabot wrote a good one for the graphic design crowd. It uses Eye Candy’s Chrome filter to make some slick metal text. There are some nice touches in Photoshop that provide a realistic environment for the text to live in.

Joe Chabot chrome tutorial

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Jimmy Beech
Here is a photo of Jimmy Beech, our newest abductee. He made our new slick Exposure 3 videos. Nice shot, you can tell his wife is a photographer!

– Jeff Butterworth,
Queen Bee

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