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Exposure 3 Almost Done

Exposure 3 will be out in late June! Here is a peek at a few pictures made with it and a little info.

Exposure 3 Lo-Fi
We now have lots of Lo-Fi presets!

Exposure 3 infrared, vinette and color toning example
This is a combination of infrared, color toning, and the new vignette effects.

We have continued Exposure’s mission, which is to make the techniques of film photography available to modern photographers. We carefully researched the science, but more importantly, we did the anthropological research of spending time with photographers who actually used these films and techniques in the old days. Ok, maybe we’re not really anthropologists, but I think that studying the photographers helped as much as studying the chemistry and math.

Exposure can now simulate some tricky looks such as Technicolor’s odd brilliant colors and early Kodachrome’s brown skin tones. Vintage processes like Autochrome, Calotype, and Daguerreotype look more authentic because of the new vignette, dust, and scratches features. Lo-Fi enthusiasts will love the Lomo and Holga presets that simulate cross processing and use the new vignette and lens blur features to simulate cheap plastic lenses. Now there are over 500 presets, with some entirely new categories and plenty added throughout the existing categories.

There are some frequently requested technical features in this upgrade, including Lightroom and 64-bit Photoshop CS5 support. The user interface has been completely rewritten and one result is that the preview updates much faster now.

The upgrade will be $99 for owners of any previous version of Exposure. Free upgrades will automatically be sent to purchasers of Exposure 2 who purchased in April 2010 or later.

Bokeh Plans and Pretty Uses

Terence Tay is kicking butt on finishing Bokeh 2 and I am confident that it will be out late this summer. Remember that if you purchase it now (April 2010 or later) then we will send you the upgrade for free. It is too early to show off Bokeh 2, but here are some fun uses of Bokeh 1 below.

Martin Wallgren's City Rush
© 2010 Martin Wallgren

In the April newsletter I linked to a movie Martin Wallgren made using Bokeh. The attention he got from that one inspired him to make another. This one is a time lapse of a day in the life of a camera store. As with the previous movie, Bokeh is just one of many tools used and the process is not for the faint of heart. Technical details are provided under the movie.

Jesse Drohen Longhorns Tilt Blog
© 2010 Jesse Drohen

Jesse Drohen wrote a clear little article on the Austin Pixels blog that uses Bokeh to make a real scene look like a tiny model. Notice that the increased saturation and contrast helps make people look like toys. You may recall an article I wrote on the same subject.

The photo above was made with Exposure 3.

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Exposure 3 Almost Done
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Exposure Portra 160NC setting
This is our CTO’s son with Exposure applied. “But wait, I can’t even tell that you did anything!” Exactly. Exposure can be subtle too. I used the Portra 160NC setting to just lower saturation and contrast for that healthy skin portrait look.

– Jeff Butterworth,
Queen Bee

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