Alien Skin News: August 2009

Our Macintosh products created before 2008 need an update to work with Mac OS 10.5 or later. That includes the Leopard and Snow Leopard operating systems. You can see a list of the products that need an update here. If your product is not in the list, then you do not need the update. For instance, Blow Up 1 needs an update, but Blow Up 2 does not.

Photo BundleBundle of Joy

As you probably heard, we just released the Photo Bundle, which contains Blow Up, Bokeh, Exposure, Image Doctor, and Snap Art for just $595 which is a $500 savings. If you own the current version of one of these products, you can get the Photo Bundle for just $450. This is something many of you have been asking for and it has been a big hit in just its first week. If you would like to learn more about the Photo Bundle, our Web site is chock full of tutorial videos, example images, glowing reviews, and case studies.

The Simplest Ad Campaign

Jim Zuckerman adThe print ad campaign for the Photo Bundle was particularly easy to create. Rather than cramming in examples from all five products, each ad consists of one beautiful shot from a pro photographer who uses our plug-ins. Right now there are four photographers in the series: Nels Akerlund, Cameron Davidson, Tony Sweet, and Jim Zuckerman. The use of our products is subtle, which is the point. The photo is fantastic because the photographer is a craftsman, not because of the tools he uses. Our tools simply make his life easier. You can learn more about these experts and see their photos on our Web site.

Top Reviews

As usual, a ton of great reviews came out this month and the ones below are just the cream of the crop.

Jackie Dove of Macworld gives Snap Art 4.5 out 5 and says, "It's easy to use and works very well. What more can you ask?"

Dave Huss of Photoshop User gives Snap Art 5 out of 5 and says, "Snap Art 2 has matured into an excellent plug-in that I expect to become the industry standard for natural-media emulation."

For those of you who speak Swedish, Joachim Smith wrote a rave review of Snap Art 2 in Foto Magazine. For those who don't, Joachim says, "I think that Snap Art 2 is a real hit, not least because it's good, clean fun. Furthermore, the effects are so convincing that illustrators, TV prop persons, comic strip producers and other image creators can make serious use of them. The price isn't prohibitive either, considering that you get ten distinctly different effects for 200 dollars. I warmly recommend Snap Art 2 for anyone with his or her playful mind still intact. The risk is that it may become an addiction."

Exposure 2 was reviewed by Ken Milburn on the Web site Access Digital Photography. The article is chock full of example photos and Ken concludes, "Powerful stuff. Reasonable price."

above: Image by Cameron Davidson featured in our Photo Bundle ad campaign.

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Jeff Butterworth
This is a snowboarding self portrait. I removed a distracting shadow with Image Doctor and then ran it through Exposure to convert to B&W and increase contrast.

– Jeff Butterworth
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