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Bokeh Sweet Spot Example

Bokeh™ is almost here!

We are putting the finishing touches on Bokeh, our lens simulator Photoshop plug-in filter. It won’t ship until the first week of December, but here is a sneak peek.

Bokeh can draw attention to your subject by manipulating focus and depth of field after the shot has been taken. From changing the depth of field to placing a radial sweet spot and adding a vignette, Bokeh provides many techniques for realistic blurring and altering the mood of a scene.

Bokeh Sweet Spot Example

Bokeh is the only software that accurately simulates the distinctive blurring and creamy highlights of real lenses. Terence Tay, Bokeh’s designer, performed careful experiments with lenses famous for their bokeh highlights, such as the Canon® EF 85mm f/1.2 II and the Nikon® 105mm f/2.8 Macro. The result is a photo-realistic look, in contrast to the unnatural blur from other software.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a zillion. So, if you want to really see what Bokeh can do, go watch Jim White’s Bokeh video on our web site. Bokeh Box

If you want to pre-order Bokeh (it’s $199), you will need to call us at 888-921-SKIN (7546) or e-mail . Bokeh won’t be in our online store until the day it ships in early December.

Elgebar Studios makes a Macintosh performance utility that is named Bokeh, but they are about to change the name to Blitz.  The name change is a favor to Alien Skin Software and we appreciate it.  We suggest that you check out Blitz (or Bokeh if the name hasn’t changed quite yet).

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Photoshop CS4 and 64-bit

All of our current products have been tested and found fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS 4.

Bokeh and Blow Up 2 are compatible with the 64-bit version of CS 4, but all of our other plug-ins must be installed into and run from the 32-bit version of CS 4. All future product releases and full version upgrades will be 64-bit compatible.

LEOPARD/INTEL MAC USERS: don't forget that if you reinstall older versions of Alien Skin plug-ins into CS 4 you will also need to reinstall the updates found HERE.

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Blow Up 2 BoxBlow Up 2 Review

Jeremy Schultz gave a 9 out of 10 to Blow Up 2 in a detailed review on Jeremy said, “BlowUp 2 gave me significant improvement in printed image quality. The grain adds ‘pop’ to the photograph and makes the image look sharper, while the actual details are definitely improved.” He concludes, “I am impressed by the quality of Blow Up 2 and its output.”

To learn more about Blow Up 2 for yourself, check out our examples or you can watch an intro video. To try it, you can download a 30-day demo. Blow Up 2 is our first product where the demo can be activated to turn it into the full version. If you like it, just purchase a license code and you’ll immediately be up and running.

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Jeff Butterworth Before
I used Bokeh’s radial sweet spot and vignetting here.

– Jeff Butterworth
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