Snap Art on The New Yorker Cover

We are pretty sure that the cover of the September 15 issue of The New Yorker was made using Snap Art. I couldn’t get anyone from the magazine to return our e-mail, so we’re not 100% sure. However, Tom Welsh, the author of Snap Art, says he would recognize his baby anywhere. You can check out the cover on The New Yorker web store. Eric Drooker made the art. There was probably some careful work done by hand too, but we think that most of the painterly brush strokes are from Snap Art. You can see more examples made with Snap Art on our web site.

A Happy Customer

It was heartwarming to read this Men With Pens blog entry from Harry McLeod. We take pride in our customer service and it felt good to be appreciated. It doesn’t hurt that Harry raves about Blow Up 2 also!

If any of the Blow Up 2 info below piques your interest, grab the demo, check out the Blow Up web page, see examples, or head straight to our store. If you put one of our other products in your shopping cart first, Blow Up 2 will be offered at $20 off at the bottom of the page. Blow Up 2 is our first product where the demo can be activated to turn it into the full version. If you like it, just purchase a license code and you’ll immediately be up and running.

Blow Up 2 Interview

If you want a high level introduction to Blow Up 2, you should listen to Scott Sheppard of the Inside Digital Photo podcast interview me. In the interview, I explain how Blow Up makes resizing tasks much easier while giving beautiful results.

Other good introductions to Blow Up 2 are the videos Jim White has been making on our web site. You should start with the overview video. The latest shows how to use Blow Up’s built-in batch processing to intelligently handle entire folders of photos.

Blow Up 2 Presets for ISO Paper Sizes

European reviewers of Blow Up 2 pointed out that we didn’t include presets for ISO paper sizes (like A4). Tom Welsh, the designer of Blow Up 2, quickly fixed that oversight by posting presets in our forum. They work with either the demo or retail version of Blow Up 2.

Blow Up 2 Reviews

A recent e-mail I sent gave detail on recent Blow Up reviews. You can see them all here. I’ll just mention one of my favorites again. Neil Bennett gave Blow Up 4.5 out of 5 stars in Digital Arts. Neil says, “Blow Up 2’s output is a definite improvement over the first release – and hugely better than Photoshop’s Image Size.” This is a great in-depth review of Blow Up 2.

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Exposure 2 Reviews

Theano Nikitas wrote a glowing review of Exposure 2 in the October/November issue of Digital Photographer. She concludes, “I’ve used Alien Skin products for a very long time and have to say that Exposure 2 is definitely my favorite Alien Skin photographic plug-in. And I’ll be using it for a long time to come. If you have any doubts, download the trial version and see for yourself; if I were in Vegas, I’d lay odds that you’ll find it as creatively inspiring as I do.” The article shows examples of the much improved infrared simulation. We don’t have a link to the electronic review yet, but you can read plenty of other Exposure 2 reviews here.

The August issue of Rangefinder contains a lengthy review of Exposure 2 by Stan Sholik. Stan says, “Whether you want to simulate the look of film to your digital images or easily create a unique look for your portrait, wedding or commercial work, Exposure 2 provides the tools to stimulate your creativity without adding unnecessary complexity to your workflow.”

You can get a demo of Exposure, read more about it, see examples, or just go straight to the store.

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