Blow Up 2 is here!

We’ve been burning the midnight oil to make Blow Up® 2 and it’s finally done! In case you’ve been living in a cave, Blow Up is our Photoshop® plug-in that produces enlargements dramatically sharper than any other software, especially Photoshop. Every part of Blow Up got an overhaul, from image quality to workflow.

enlargement comparison

In the example above you can see how much smoother and sharper Blow Up 2 is than Photoshop. What you can’t see is how easy Blow Up 2 is to use! Over 100 presets let you crop, resize, and sharpen for standard paper sizes in one step. Blow Up’s built-in batch processing requires a lot less clicking than using Photoshop’s actions. Multiple cropping tools, a zoomable preview, and many other user interface improvements make all resizing tasks easier now.

To read about all the changes, we have a web page that goes into detail. We have plenty of examples or you can watch an intro video. To try it yourself, you can download a 30-day demo. Blow Up 2 is our first product where the demo can be activated to turn it into the full version. If you like it, just purchase a license code and you’ll immediately be up and running.

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Exposure 3 Plans

We are debating how to improve Exposure, our film simulation Photoshop plug-in. If you’d like to share your opinions, please take our survey. We aren’t sure when Exposure 3 will come out, but I assure you that we’re as anxious about it as you are!

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