Image Doctor 2 Saves the Day

This newsletter thing is easy when other people keep dropping articles in my lap. Below is a story sent to us from out of the blue by a real customer. Really, I didn’t even edit it! – Jeff Butterworth

original photorestored with Image Doctor 2
The original is shown left, the restored version on the right. (Click to view larger)

A 50+ year old, battered, wallet size photo was brought to my photo studio by a client. With a full schedule that day, I quickly looked at it and told her I could do the restoration. I photographed the photo, downloaded it, and went on with my portrait sessions. A week later, when my schedule permitted, I pulled the photo up in Photoshop and was astounded to see that there were literally hundreds of cracks in the emulsion. There wasn't anywhere that was without cracks. I had no "clean" areas from which I could clone.

I knew that if I didn't find some "miracle" software to help me, I wasn't going to be able to uphold my word to my client. I researched all my favorite "review" sites, and decided Alien Skin's Image Doctor was my best shot at saving my own skin. I was pleasantly surprised to find a 30 day fully functional demo of your "Image Doctor" Photoshop plug-in on your web site. I immediately downloaded Image Doctor and watched one quick tutorial, then started the restoration process.

Attached are the original and the restored photos. This was my first time to use Image Doctor. You can see the results. These before and after images ARE worth a thousand words.

Before becoming a full-time professional photographer, I spent 20 years in the computer industry. I have a fair understanding of the complexities of well designed software with an intuitive user interface. Image Doctor is an amazing piece of software that is easy to use, and somehow performs near miracles. Without it I could not have restored such a badly damaged photograph. Kudos to your software engineers.

Thank you for such an amazing product.

– Carl Saathoff,

( By coincidence, a similar story was just posted on the MomToBeDepot blog. If you want to check out Image Doctor, we have examples, tutorials (including two videos), and a demo you can try for yourself.)

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Love From Popular Photography

In the August issue of Popular Photography, Debbie Grossman wrote an in-depth article on the great color to black & white capabilities of Exposure. It has lots of examples.

To judge for yourself, we have examples, tutorials (including a video), and a fully functional 30 day demo.

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Update on Photo Festival Horizonte Zingst

Back in the May newsletter I mentioned that our buddy Christian Popkes was helping put on a new German photo festival called Horizonte Zingst. Now we have pictures of the 10x10 foot portraits he created for it along the shore. Of course, he used Exposure on all of them. Pretty cool stuff! The festival is an annual thing, so keep an eye out for it next year. It looks like it’s worth a trip to Germany.

Popkes Installation1Popkes Installation2Popkes Installation3Popkes Installation4Popkes Installation5
Photos of Popkes' installation (Click to view larger)

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