In the first article, Jim White talks about Tim Barnwell, a photographer who has taken some amazing photos in the Appalachian Mountains. Tim didn’t use our software to make the photos. We just love his work and thought you might enjoy seeing it too. As usual, the rest of the newsletter is from me.
– Jeff Butterworth 

Mabel Cutshall with Broom Straw, Madison County, NC (Click to view larger)

Tim Barnwell's Work in Appalachia

Using Exposure 2 as my Black & White conversion tool in Photoshop really reawakened my appreciation and passion for the traditional darkroom. I was never really a master of this art form but my appreciation of those who are has never wavered. I was delighted when my May-June issue of Lenswork magazine arrived and there on the cover was a photograph from one of my favorite artists and fellow North Carolinians, Tim Barnwell. Tim is an Asheville based photographer who does commercial and fine art work and is the author of two outstanding fine art collections, The Face of Appalachia and On Earth’s Furrowed Brow. I first met Tim at a book signing in Madison County, NC, where Eileen and I are fortunate to have a second residence. The majority of Tim’s photos for both works are culled from this still somewhat remote and beautiful area in the NC Mountains. His images truly capture the marvelous and resilient spirit of these wonderful people and the rugged land they live in. Tim is working on a new book to be titled, Hands in Harmony. This new work will feature portraits of musicians ranging from Kentucky to the Piedmont of North Carolina, and will include such legends such as Ralph Stanley, Bill Monroe, Pete Seeger, and John Hartford. As a practitioner and fan of Old-Time Music I frankly can’t wait!

Tim’s prints are in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum, The New Orleans Museum of Art, The High Museum in Atlanta, and The Mint Museum in Charlotte, just to name a few. He spent eight years as executive director of the nationally recognized school, Appalachian Photographic Workshops.

Tim used a 4X5 Linhoff Technica View Camera and a Mamiya R B67 camera for the images in his two books. His films of choice are Kodak Tri-X and Plus-X. He is now shooting some digital so we are sending him Exposure 2 so he can try our Plus-X and Tri-X filters on his Canon 40D and 5D images.

Please do yourself a favor and check out the online galleries from both of Tim’s books, The Face of Appalachia, and On Earth’s Furrowed Brow.

– Jim White

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Podcast Interview

Scott Sheppard and Gene Gable interviewed Sara Birkemeier and me in a recent episode of Inside Digital Design Radio. Sara and her husband George Scott do all of the graphic design for Alien Skin Software. In the interview, Sara talks about how she uses Blow Up, Exposure, and Eye Candy in commercial work. I mostly talk about how we make plug-ins. Scott and Gene made the interview extremely easy and the result is worth checking out. You’ll need iTunes to listen to the show.

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Site Licenses

I bet you didn't know that we give discounts on site licenses. Well, we do! You can get 25% off when buying 5 copies of a product and the discounts get deeper from there. Buying a site license for multiple products at once gives even deeper discounts. The details can be found here. If everyone in your office is sharing one copy of Blow Up and you have been thinking of going legit, tell your boss about these great discounts. Luke, don't go to the dark side of the force!

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If you are more impressed with grass roots supporters rather than the big name writers in the big name magazines, here is a review of Image Doctor 2 from Carlene Brown at the Alaskan Apple User Group. We got 5 out of 5 moose antlers! At least that's my interpretation of the rating icon. Carlene says, “I could not find anything I didn't like about this software. It is easy to understand, easy to use, quick, and makes the image repair process almost effortless. If you do image repair on a regular basis you really need Image Doctor 2. For the rest of us it is a tool well worth having."

And for those of you impressed by big names at big magazines, David Biedny gave Exposure 4 out of 5 little blue squares in the July Mac|Life. David says, “Alien Skin, in its quest to cook up unique Photoshop plug-ins, has essentially condensed the history of film into Exposure 2, a wonderfully capable and sublime tool for emulating a vast range of film stocks and looks.” I enjoyed the reader comments on the Mac|Life web site that advocated using real film. I honestly admire film users. Don't give up!

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