Francis Hills article in Studio Photography

Francis HillsOur own Ben Hazard discovered that Francis Hills uses Exposure. Ben got to know Francis and then suggested that he write about how he uses Exposure. The result is an article in the latest issue of Studio Photography. Francis says “I use Exposure 2 on every image that leaves [my studio], whether for print, exhibition, portfolio, or client.” Ha! We win!

Take a look at more work from Francis. If you aren’t offended by a little nudity, then check out the Clothing Immaterial section which is a project to fight breast cancer. Francis used one of those photos for a poll on our site where you can vote for which Exposure setting looks best on it. You’ll need to be logged into your forum account to vote. If you don’t have an account, click the Register button at the top of the page.

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Velvia Tutorial

Jim White, our in-house pro, keeps churning out the tutorials. Here he shows how he uses the Fuji Velvia 50 setting in Exposure. Jim does a lot of nature photography which benefits from the increase in saturation and contrast of Velvia. The results are subtle, but if you look at the before and after photos next to each other you’ll see the added punch.

Velvia Tutorial Pic

You can see more Exposure examples or try the fully functional 30-day demo.

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Little Fluffy Clouds Tutorial

Xenofex Tutorial Final PicHere Jim shows how to get rid of a white sky using the Little Fluffy Clouds filter in Xenofex. After Jim pointed out how ugly a blown out sky is, I started being more careful with my exposures. Still, there are times when I can’t prevent it, and then I cheat using Xenofex!

You can see more Xenofex examples or try the fully functional 30-day demo.

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Photo Festival Horizonte

Our friend Christian Popkes is the project manager for a new German photo festival called Horizonte Zingst that starts May 31. Christian is creating an open air exhibition of 20 black & white portraits that are 10x10 feet each along the shore. He said “of course I used Exposure 2 on all of them”.

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Hot on the heels of the MacNN review of Exposure 2, Loren Miller just put up a great one for Image Doctor 2 here. My favorite quote is “Alien Skin, known for its Eye Candy Photoshop plug-in series, makes Photoshop worth the price of admission.” The end of the review shows a clear example of how the JPEG Repair filter cleans up artifacts in overly compressed images.

Amy Palermo at Inside Photoshop Magazine just gave Image Doctor 2 a great review. You’ll have to go to the newsstand to read the whole article, but here’s a quote. “Overall, we were very pleased with how quickly Image Doctor 2 repaired digital images. Image repair and restoration is a painstaking process and Image Doctor 2 makes this task easier.”

Uwe Steinmueller at Outback Photo reviewed Image Doctor 2 here. It contains a good example use of Smart Fill and links to an Exposure review too.

There are lots of Image Doctor results at our web site. You can try it yourself with the fully functional 30-day demo.

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