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Now we have a central page that acts as a catalog for all of our tutorials.  In the past, all of our tutorials were made in our forums.  This was great for our forum visitors, but the rest of you probably didn’t even know they were there.  It groups them by product with a description and link to the forum article.  I forgot how many of these things we made!  Dig around and you’ll find gems like starting any Photoshop filter with a single keypython skin using Eye Candy 5 Textures, or aqua buttons using Eye Candy 5 Impact. 

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The best parts of the tutorials page are the new videos made by Jim White, our resident photographer. He cleans up problem skin with Image Doctor, uses the punch of Velvia 50 with Exposure, and changes the weather with Xenofex. Along the way, Jim mentions Photoshop shortcuts and tips. More videos are in the works. I gotta have something to talk about next month!

Image Doctor 2: Skin Softener
Jim shows how to smooth red bumpy skin using the Skin Softener filter in Image Doctor. To see some before/after examples of Image Doctor results, go here.

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Image Doctor 2: Smart Fill
Here Jim removes unwanted objects from an otherwise nice shot. To see some before/after examples of Image Doctor results, go here.

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Exposure 2: Velvia
Jim uses the Fuji Velvia 50 setting in Exposure to give some extra punch to the moss in this photo. You can see more Exposure examples here.

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Xenofex 2: Little Fluffy Clouds
Jim hates white skies! Here he shows how to fake a blue sky using the Little Fluffy Clouds filter in Xenofex 2. You can see more Xenofex examples here.

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This month we only have†one review from Paul Roides at†andPOP.† It is bursting with compliments for Image Doctor 2, such as this one.

ďImage Doctor repairs problem areas with a superbly uniform aesthetic and minimal blur. The resulting images look flawless and, more importantly, natural. This is sure to blow the minds of amateurs and save professionals countless hours in the edit suite.Ē

I donít think my mother would write a more glowing review!† Hmm, maybe my mom is writing under the pen name Paul Roides.

There are lots of Image Doctor†results at our web site.† You can† try it yourself with the fully functional 30-day demo.

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