This is our first regular newsletter. Expect to hear something interesting from Alien Skin Software every month from here on. Since we’ve been quiet for so long, this month there is plenty to talk about!
Jeff Butterworth, Queen Bee

Jim White and Tech Support

Jim WhiteI am pleased to introduce Jim White, a pro photographer we abducted to be our tech support guru. It feels great to have such an overqualified guy in this position! Jim is currently working on a book with Tony Sweet on the Nikon Digital Workflow for Focal Press and teaches field workshops with Tony on photography and printing. He also teaches online classes at

While we’re on the topic of tech support, I’d like to remind you that we have a knowledgebase that can quickly answer most questions. Our online forums are another great way to get help or find tutorials. All our products have built in help (Help key on Mac, F1 on Windows). But if you are stuck, you can always e-mail Jim at

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Snap Art Tutorial

Jim made a tutorial on using the Impasto filter from Snap Art. Check it out here. Impasto is just one of the ten filters in Snap Art. To see its full range of artistic effects, take a look at these examples. We’ve always been proud of Snap Art, but none of us realized how gorgeous the results could be until Jim started printing them on canvas. Visitors to our office are always surprised when I tell them the art on the walls wasn’t made by hand.

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Recent Reviews

Reviews are starting to appear for Image Doctor 2. Dave Huss gave it five stars in Photoshop User Magazine! Dave concludes his review by saying “Image Doctor 2 isn’t cheap but if you shoot weddings or portraits (even part time), it will pay for itself in time saved in short order.” Take a look at some Image Doctor results or try it yourself.

Exposure 2 already has a mountain of great reviews, including five stars in Photoshop User Magazine. Here are a few recent ones that go into detail and have some good example images from Shutterbug and MacNN. You can see our examples or download the demo.

If that loosened your wallet, then please step into my store. It’s nice and warm inside!

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Leopard Updates

We updated all of our products to work with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) last November, but we still get a trickle of phone calls from customers who didn’t hear about it. If you switched to Leopard and our products started crashing, we have free updates to fix the problem. If you are not having any trouble with our products, you don’t need to bother getting the updates.

Before you grab the updates, you should know that these updates do not support Photoshop CS or earlier. They only work with Photoshop CS2 9.0.2 or later, Photoshop Elements 4.0.1 or later, and Fireworks CS3.

You can download the free updates here.

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