Exposure X3 | Features
Exposure X3


Exposure X3 is an advanced, non-destructive RAW editor. Its many features exist to help you master your workflow and create beautiful images as efficiently as possible.

Complete Photo Manager

NEW Apply keywords to add descriptive tags to your photo

  • new Apply keywords during image copy
  • new Retain or remove keywords during image export
  • new Manage keywords and create keyword sets in the keyword library
  • new Import keyword sets from other apps like Lightroom
  • new Easily remove all keywords from a photo

NEW Virtual copies to edit and export multiple variations of a single photo, without taking up additional disk space

NEW Collections

  • new Quickly group images, no matter where they appear on your computer
  • new Use subcollections to for detailed categorization
  • new Designate a collection to be the Quick Collection to quickly add photos to it with a keystroke
  • new Optionally add all selected photos when creating a collection

NEW Side-by-side image comparison view

  • new Review multiple photos simultaneously to speed up image culling
  • new Link views to synchronize panning and zooming of multiple images
  • new Pin one or more images to keep them in view
  • new Flexible viewing options – Vertical, Horizontal, Columns, Rows, Quad, Six

Review and edit photo metadata

  • new Title and Caption metadata fields

Search and filter photos

  • Full text search of photo metadata
  • Filter by metadata, ratings, or keywords

File and folder operations (copy, move, rename, delete)

NEW Watermark photos when exporting or printing

  • new Compose a watermark from multiple text and graphic elements
  • new Text elements can include items from image metadata
  • new Adjust size, location, opacity and more
  • new Save watermark settings in a workflow preset for easy reuse
  • new Place watermark elements using precise move and rotate tool

More Organizing Tools

  • Drag files to Apple Finder or Windows Explorer to copy or move them
  • Drag an image or folder onto Exposure to visit that folder and create a bookmark
  • Batch file renaming
  • Adjust capture time
  • Full text search to find images by a variety of criteria
  • Enhanced selection and sorting options
  • Ability to create and manage workflow presets (import, export, categorize, rename, and more)

NEW Printing

  • new Print one or more photos at a time
  • new Preview the print job before sending to the printer
  • new Print multiple images per page, with flexible row and column options
  • new Auto-rotate images to best match print area
  • new Create full-bleed prints using flexible margin adjustments
  • new Specify paper size in inches, millimeters, or points
  • new Apply output sharpening for specific paper types
  • new Apply watermarks to printed photos

Support for many compact, DSLR, and mirrorless cameras

Lens distortion correction for a variety of popular lenses

  • Automatic selection of lens correction profile from photo metadata
  • Select which lens profile to use or turn it off completely
  • Adjust amount of lens distortion

Supports a variety of file types (RAW, TIFF, JPEG, DNG)

PSD support

  • Browse thumbnails for Photoshop files
  • Add Exposure effects to Photoshop composites
  • Launch Photoshop as an external editor directly from Exposure

Non-destructive Workflow

Catalog-free workflow

  • No need to import images
  • Easy moving of images between computers or external storage
  • Easy backup
  • Cloud syncing to easily work from multiple computers or collaborate

Copy from card

  • Copy from multiple cards at once
  • Organize and edit photos while copy happens in background
  • new Apply metadata during card copy
  • new Add photos to a collection during card copy
  • new Back up photos to a second location when copying
  • new Photos from the latest card copy are automatically added to a Last Copy from Card collection

Send a photo to an external editor and then bring back the results

Flexible File Export

  • Export to JPEG, TIFF, and PSD
  • Enhanced export options (destination, file type, resizing, renaming, and metadata)
  • Enhanced file and folder naming templates can use capture and current timestamps
  • Export metadata and destination panels now have presets
  • Export destination can create multiple subfolders and use metadata for folder names
  • Quick Export enables fast access to frequently used export recipes via mouse or keyboard shortcut
  • Includes built-in, customizable Quick Export profiles for popular social media and print services
  • Apply metadata during card copy
  • new Apply output sharpening for specific paper types
  • new Quickly preview watermark from Export dialog


Over 500 Presets

  • Subtle, modern portrait films
  • Saturation boost for landscapes
  • High-contrast black and white
  • Vintage looks, such as daguerreotype
  • Color and B&W Infrared films
  • Cinema looks
  • Faded looks for a hazy, dreamy effect
  • Bright looks that are great for outdoor portraits and weddings
  • Platinum print emulations and border overlays
  • Hundreds more looks, spanning the entire history of analog photography
  • new Linear and radial presets
  • new Presets that mimic the in-camera film simulations of Fujifilm cameras

Selective Presets

  • Create presets that affect only certain settings
  • Include or exclude layers from presets
  • Applying a preset now merges settings layer by layer rather than overwriting existing layers
  • Factory presets no longer affect basic and detail panels
  • Selective settings also available when copy/pasting
  • new Choose which categories of settings are overwritten when pasting with the Paste Settings from Previous command

NEW Audition Presets

  • new Compare multiple presets on screen, then apply your choice with a single click
  • new Flexible viewing options – Vertical, Horizontal, Columns, Rows, Quad, Six
  • new Presets are highlighted in the Presets panel while they are being auditioned

Photo Editing

Core Editing Tools

  • Exposure, contrast, saturation, and other common adjustments
  • new Blacks and Whites sliders
  • Adjustable overall intensity slider to blend effects with original image

White Balance Adjustment

  • White balance eyedropper
  • Temperature and tint controls
  • new Temperature slider uses Kelvin units
  • new White balance presets for specific lighting scenarios

Color Editing

  • new Adjust hue, saturation, and lightness using sliders for specific colors
  • new Use targeted adjustment tools to adjust HSL for a selected color
  • Adjust saturation in shadows, midtones, and highlights
  • Apply warming and cooling with an easy slider adjustment
  • Apply lens filter simulations with any color you choose

Noise Reduction and Sharpening


  • Overlays show areas where highlights and shadows are clipped
  • Adjustable regions enable editing of specific tone ranges
  • new Two additional adjustable histogram regions (Blacks and Whites)

Complete Edit History

  • Review the full editing history of a photo and see specific slider values
  • Mouse hover over a previous edit to see how the photo looked at that point
  • Easily revert to a previous editing step

Advanced Effects

Advanced Nondestructive Layers

  • Layer effects, including presets and photo adjustments
  • No limit on number of layers
  • Seamlessly blend adjustments using the brush tool
  • Work on layers in multiple photos simultaneously
  • Adjust the opacity of each layer

Brush Tool

  • Portrait touch ups
    • Enhance Iris
    • Soften Skin
    • Whiten Teeth
    • Remove Red Eye
  • Lighten or darken part of an image
  • Adjust warmth, clarity, and contrast
  • Make a preset affect a specific area
  • Stack effects
  • Adjust opacity

NEW Linear and Radial Gradient Tools

  • new Selectively apply effects with radial, planar, and half-planar gradients
  • new Adjust opacity of the gradient

Spot Heal Tool

  • Heal or clone to touch up portraits or remove small distractions from a photo

Creative focus tools

  • Bokeh tool for creative focus effects
    • Radial blur for focusing attention on a subject
    • Planar blur enables tilt shift effects
  • Vignettes
    • new Vignette Location tool displays exact center of the vignette on your image


  • Borders
  • Textures
  • Light effects
    • new Sun flare, side, corner, and surround light effects
  • new Batch overlay import
  • new Improved overlay quality
    • new Overlay blend modes – Opacity, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Hard Light

Grain tools

  • Use presets or customize your own
  • Renders grain differently in shadows, midtones, and highlights to accurately emulate film grain

Infrared tools

  • Glow
  • Fog
  • Halation

User Interface

Customizable User Interface

  • Reposition and hide panels
  • Solo mode to work with one panel at a time
  • Multiple monitor and full-screen support
  • Show/hide tagging and filtering controls

NEW Edit photos side-by-side

Shortcut Keys

  • Speed up common navigating, organizing, and editing tasks

NEW Auto Updater

  • new Notifies about available updates


  • Fast startup
  • No need to import images before exploring folders
  • Responsive performance during all organizing and editing tasks
  • Fast loading of large RAW files

High-Resolution Display Support

  • User interface scales on Mac Retina and Windows High-DPI displays

Exposure X3 Bundle

Snap Art natural media effects

  • Launch directly from Exposure
  • Hundreds of natural media looks
  • Oil Paint, Watercolor, Pastel, Color Pencil and many more

Blow Up crystal clear photo enlargement

  • Launch directly from Exposure
  • Retain sharp edges without introducing jagged edges and artifacts
  • Huge image support – up to 300,000 pixels per side
  • Presets for common paper sizes
  • Output sharpening