Dina Douglass Wedding Photography

(B&W Films / Kodak T-MAX P3200)

“I have used Exposure since the first version and have always loved the tones and moods it adds to my images.”


Family Photography

Exposure provides photographers with the creativity, simplicity, and flexibility they need to create beautiful family portraits.


Hundreds of carefully researched looks bring warmth and character to your family portraits. These styles include classic B&W and vibrant color presets that create flattering skin tones. You can apply them with a single click, or customize them as your own unique looks.

Exposure’s editing tools make it easy to create beautiful portraits. Apply essential edits like color toning, contrast, clarity, and vibrance. Use spot healing to remove blemishes and brushing to enhance eyes, smooth skin, and whiten teeth. Expand your creativity with special effects like vignette and creative focus to subtly draw attention to your subject.


Exposure’s intuitive design keeps you in the creative zone, not struggling with unnecessary complexity. Simply navigate to your images and begin editing; there are no imports or catalogs needed. All the tools you need are visible, not hidden in different user modules.


No matter how large your photo library is, Exposure’s organizing tools help you master your workflow. Use filtering tools like flags, stars, and color labels to cull your photos. Speed up common tasks by using shortcut keys and your own custom presets. You can create these ‘go-to’ recipes for color toning, brush settings, file exports and renaming, and more. Locate images using key search terms like ISO, lens or camera type, and f-stop.

Speed is an invisible but crucial ingredient in Exposure’s effectiveness. It’s fast, quickly loading large RAW files and responsively updating as you edit. And it offers numerous shortcut keys to help you work quickly.

Exposure’s many additional features make your life easier, and include:

  • Non-destructive editing that never alters your original images
  • Support for a wide variety of file types (RAW, TIFF, JPEG, PSD), DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and lenses
  • A customizable interface, with dual-monitor and fullscreen preview support
  • Ability to import custom overlays like borders, textures, and light leaks
  • Ability to work as a creative editing plug-in with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Anne Helene Gjelstad

Anne Helene Gjelstad

Photo © Jon Skille Amundsen

Anne Helene Gjelstad is an acclaimed Norwegian portrait photographer who came to photography after a successful career as a fashion designer. Her series entitled Big Heart, Strong Hands documents the lives of older women on the Kihnu and Manija islands, and has won her awards and recognition, including from the prestigious Magnum Photography Awards. Anne Helene has been a fan of Exposure since day one, and helped beta test Exposure X2.

What role does Exposure play in your creative editing process?

I have used Exposure since the first version and have always loved the tones and moods it adds to my images. I also love that I see the result right away, as well as all the options Exposure delivers from grain to blur, light leaks and textures. The new spot healing brush is a really great feature. I also like that I can do my image culling in Exposure. And of course the new History panel is great in case I need to go back in my editing process.

Do you have any favorite go-to looks or editing steps in Exposure?

The Black & White presets are truly great and my preferred way of converting my images to BW. There are so many options, so many films to choose from! One favorite is the BW Daguerreotype – it is amazing and I love the deep, moody feel it gives to my portraits. For my color images I love using Color Films – Vintage – Kodachrome II – Muted. The shift in the greens is so beautiful and it tones and brightens the skin beautifully as well. Another favorite is Color Films – Polaroid – 600 – Faded (darker) because of the richness it gives. The endless possibilities in Exposure X2 make it so much fun to work with and the results are great!

When looking through my images I think the color work is quite subtle and somehow true to nature. This is what I like, and I think it also makes images more timeless. I sometimes use Exposure at lower opacity and often I mask to get the effects I want and add layers upon layers.

I love that Exposure X2 makes it possible and easy to fully edit. That really speeds up the workflow and makes the images consistent and coherent. However, since I am into all of details I mostly start off in the RAW converter doing as much as I can there, then I continue in Photoshop, then I do the final and equally important steps like color toning, blur, and textures in Exposure. I usually spend between ½ hour and 4 hours on each image before I am satisfied, sometimes even more. Driven by the art and not the money, that I am satisfied is what counts, even if it means I work for much less, which I often do.

To see more of Anne Helene’s work, visit her website.

Anne Helene Gjelstad Family Photography

(B&W Films / Kodak TRI-X 400)

Anne Helene Gjelstad Family Photography

(Color Films – Print / Kodak Ultra Color 100UC)

Anne Helene Gjelstad Family Photography

(Color Films – Print / Kodak Portra 160NC)

Anne Helene Gjelstad Family Photography

(Color Films – Print / Kodak Portra 160VC)

Come see how much simpler digital photography can be.

Exposure X2 Bundle

  • Exposure X2 non-destructive RAW Photo Editor
  • Integrated Snap Art Natural Media
  • Integrated Blow Up High-quality Photo Enlargement
  • Exposure X2, Snap Art, and Blow Up Plug-ins for Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Fast Technical Support

Exposure X2

  • Exposure X2 non-destructive RAW Photo Editor
  • Exposure X2 Plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Fast Technical Support


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