When it comes to mastering the tools in Exposure X2, we’ve got you covered with this series of photo editing tutorials. If you’re new to Exposure, we recommend watching our Getting Started videos first.

Below the photo editing tutorials, you’ll find more resources, such as helpful articles, as well as links to our tech support and social media pages.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Watch this video to learn the basics of using Exposure X2 and about the important features for photo editing and organizing.

Photo: John Barclay


This video tells the first things to know when you’re starting to use Exposure X2 with Adobe Lightroom. It gives a brief tour of the UI, and suggestions for how to work.

Photo: John Barclay


This video tells the first things to know when you’re starting to use Exposure X2 with Adobe Photoshop. It gives a brief tour of the UI, and suggestions for how to work.

Photo: John Barclay


Copying Photos from a Card

This video helps you understand how to copy images from a camera card using Exposure. Learn about how to easily rename files, edit metadata, and copy from multiple cards in a single step.

Photo: Halftone Studios

Managing Image Files

Learn how to browse files, add favorite folders, and perform file management in Exposure X2.

Photo: Oded Wagenstein, Jay Marroquin, Jimmy Beech, Chad Bromley

Tagging, Filtering, Sorting, and Searching

Learn how to organize files in Exposure X2 using the tag, filter, sort, and search tools.

Photo: Jimmy Beech & Jenn Aan

Understanding Exposure’s Nondestructive Workflow

Learn the significance of non-destructive editing, where Exposure X2 stores its edits, how to backup those files, and how to work remotely.

Photo: Barbara Havrot


Learn how to export finished images from Exposure. Detailed descriptions of all file handling options such as metadata, image size, and more are included in this video. Exporting is the last major step in your editing workflow in Exposure.

Photo: Halftone Studios


Presets Tour

This video introduces you to the preset categories. After watching you will know where to look for various effects in Exposure.

Photo: Miguel Quiles, John Barclay, Sergey Bondarev

Basic Editing

This video will introduce you to the most commonly used panels in Exposure. The basic, detail, color, tone curve, grain, infrared, and split toning. Also, history panel and histogram.

Photo: Lukas Piatek

Working with Presets

Learn how to work with presets in Exposure. See how to browse and search, use filtering, how to save custom presets, and how to import and export.

Photo: Tony Asgari, Meg Franklin, John Barclay

Non-destructive Layers

If you’re wanting to apply several layers without making trips back through Photoshop, learn how to use Exposure’s brushing and layering.

Photo: Anne Helene Gjelstad

Portrait Touch Up

Exposure has the tools you need to create perfect portraits. This video demonstrates Exposure’s touch-up tools in action. Learn to use Spot Healing tool, quickly enhance eyes, and whiten teeth.

Photo: Tara Ruby, Robert Hamilton, Jenn Aan


Learn how to browse and search for presets. We demonstrate filtering, show how to save a new user presets, and how to import and export them.

Photo: Jimmy Beech, Robert Lounsberry, Robert Hamilton


Learn how to apply vignettes to your photos. This video shows you how. The tools in Exposure give you unparalleled control over the vignetting process.

Photo: Tomasz Migdal

Batch Editing

Batch editing is a post-processing technique that allows for adjusting a bunch of images fast. If you have images shot under similar lighting conditions, you can apply the same tweaks to them all at once. Exposure gives you a few different ways to batch edit photos.

Photo: Jenn Aan

Working with Photoshop Files

It’s easy to use Exposure with Photoshop thanks to Exposure’s ability to read and write Photoshop’s PSD format. Learn how to export Exposure-edited files as PSDs, launch Photoshop as an external editor, and use Exposure to edit PSDs created in Photoshop.

Photo: Suse Fewster

Adding External Editors

Learn how to add software applications into Exposure as external editors. Integrating all your tools into one central post-processing app is one of the great benefits to using Exposure as the centerpiece of your workflow.

Photo: Jimmy Beech, Jenn Aan

Tim Grey Webinar

Learn ways to improve your understanding of Exposure’s many creative tools. Watch expert instructor Tim Grey’s webinar 'Effects for Creative Vision' and gain new insights into creative editing.


Exposure X Bundle: Getting Started

This getting started video shows how to use the integration features between all our award-winning photo apps in the Exposure X Bundle.

Photo: Andrea Livieri, April Milani, Oded Wagenstein, Salvador Carmona

Exposure X Bundle: Getting Started Lightroom

This is a getting started video guide that demonstrates how to launch and use the Exposure X Bundle as a series of Lightroom plugins.

Photo: Jenn Aan & Jimmy Beech

Exposure X Bundle: Getting Started Photoshop

This is a getting started video guide that demonstrates how to launch and use the Exposure X Bundle as a series of Photoshop plug-ins.

Photo: Jenn Aan


Here are some articles to help you get the most out of Exposure.

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