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When it comes to mastering the tools in Exposure, we’ve got you covered with this series of photo editing tutorials. If you’re new to Exposure, we recommend watching our Getting Started videos first.

Below the photo editing tutorials, you’ll find more resources, such as helpful articles, as well as links to our tech support and social media pages.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Watch this video to learn the basics of using Exposure and about the important features for photo editing and organizing.

Photo: John Barclay


This video tells the first things to know when you’re starting to use Exposure with Adobe Lightroom. It gives a brief tour of the UI, and suggestions for how to work.

Photo: John Barclay


This video tells the first things to know when you’re starting to use Exposure with Adobe Photoshop. It gives a brief tour of the UI, and suggestions for how to work.

Photo: John Barclay


Copying Photos from a Card

This video helps you understand how to copy images from a camera card using Exposure. You'll see how to preview images on your camera cards, efficiently make image selections, edit metadata, apply creative presets, automatically save backups, and more.

Photo: William Innes Photography

Fast Image Culling

This video shows you how Exposure helps you quickly cull your images to find the very best ones. And you do all your work, both culling, and editing, in one interface, so you can seamlessly transition between stages in your workflow.

Photo: Kyle Ford

Organizing with Keywords

The new keywords feature enables you to structure robust classifications, and flexibly search through your digital image library. Learn how keywords can help you organize your photos in this video.

Photo: Halftone Studios

Tethered Shooting

Learn how to use Exposure for tethered shooting workflows in this video. Tethered shooting enables you to view the finished images on a large screen immediately after clicking the shutter.


Learn how to export finished images from Exposure. Detailed descriptions of all file handling options such as metadata, image size, and more are included in this video. Exporting is the last major step in your editing workflow in Exposure.

Photo: Hiram Trillo

Printing Photos

Learn the basics of printing, and preparing your images for print, using Exposure’s print capability.

Photo: OCH Studio


Editing RAW Photos

A few basic edits can make all the difference for your final photos. Watch this video and learn tips for getting the most out of your RAW images.

Photo: Dina Douglass

Working with LUTs

Learn how to work with LUTs in your Exposure workflow. This video demonstrates how to import LUTs into Exposure, then how to browse, search, adjust intensity, blend multiple LUTs, and more.

Photos: Scott Stulberg, Mayumi Acosta

Punching up a Flat Photo

This tutorial guides you through adding punch to flat photos with adjustments to clarity, contrast, and vibrance. Learn tips on when to use each technique, how much to apply, and more.

Photos: David Shoukry

Configurable Keyboard Shortcuts

This video demonstrates how to assign custom keyboard shortcuts for everything from creative edits, organizing images, transitioning between view options, and more.

Photo: Tony Sweet

Perspective Transform

This video demonstrates how to use Exposure's tools for correcting tilted or skewed perspectives, which enable you to easily make adjustments to image perspective, scale, position, and more.

Photo: Patrick Shipstad

Virtual Copies

Exposure’s virtual copies feature encourages you to experiment with different looks for your photos. See how to use the feature in this video.

Photo: Andrea Livieri


Learn how to apply vignettes to your photos. This video shows you how. The tools in Exposure give you unparalleled control over the vignetting process.

Photo: Tomasz Migdal

Batch Editing

Batch editing is a post-processing technique that allows for adjusting a bunch of images fast. If you have images shot under similar lighting conditions, you can apply the same tweaks to them all at once. Exposure gives you a few different ways to batch edit photos.

Photo: Jenn Aan

Sharpening Techniques

This video introduces you to several different types of image sharpening, and it explains when to use each kind. Learn how to get great-looking sharpening results by adding the effects during various periods in your workflow.

Photo: April Milani, Anne Helene Gjelstad

Working with Photoshop Files

It's easy to use Exposure with Photoshop thanks to Exposure's ability to read and write Photoshop's PSD format. Learn how to export Exposure-edited files as PSDs, launch Photoshop as an external editor, and use Exposure to edit PSDs created in Photoshop.

Photo: Suse Fewster

Using External Editors

Learn how to launch other programs as external editors in Exposure. Integrating all your tools into one central post-processing app is one of the great benefits to using Exposure as the centerpiece of your workflow.

Photo: Jimmy Beech, Jenn Aan


This video teaches how to create watermarks and how to apply them to your images using Exposure’s Export and Quick Export capabilities.

Photo: Frank Salas

Tim Grey Webinar

Learn ways to improve your understanding of Exposure’s many creative tools. Watch expert instructor Tim Grey’s webinar 'Effects for Creative Vision' and gain new insights into creative editing.

Adding Film Grain

If you love the look and feel of grain, or if you’re drawn to the nostalgia of analog film, check out this tutorial. Learn the fundamentals of applying and controlling grain effects to enhance your photos in Exposure.

Photos: Erin CostaHalftone StudiosJay Cassario

Color Toning

This video demonstrates how Exposure enables you to make adjustments to color with precision and ease.

Photo: Craig MacPhee


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