bokeh 2


What is Bokeh?

In photography, bokeh (derived from the Japanese ???) refers to the visually distinctive character of the out-of-focus areas of a photograph. Alien Skin’s Bokeh plug-in is a realistic lens simulator that allows you to alter the focus characteristics of a photograph after it has been taken. It also lets you creatively focus the viewer’s attention to any part of your photograph using a combination of blurring and vignette.

Bokeh began when some pro photographers asked us for a way to change the depth of field after a photo was already taken. Bokeh was originally developed to turn an f/22 shot into an f/1, making the background fade away in a realistic lens blur. We spent a lot of time carefully researching lenses known for their bokeh blurring characteristics and learned to accurately simulate them.

DOF beforeDOF after
Bokeh’s original mission was to change depth of field like this.

Bokeh 1 was a big hit and many pros who needed that depth of field control used it as we expected. But we were surprised to see how many people simply applied creative focus using the radial focus region control. Just drawing attention to a bride’s face through selective focus and vignette darkening was needed more often than changing depth of field. So, in Bokeh 2 we emphasized creative control by adding multiple focus regions, motion blur (like some creative lenses produce), and above all speed. Bokeh 2 has really grown into a creative tool that replaces a pile of expensive and complicated specialty lenses.

Motion blur and more flexible vignette are a few of the features added to Bokeh 2.