6 12, 2012

Christopher Wilson

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Christopher Wilson spent 15 years in the advertising field as a writer, art director and designer. In that time he worked with some of the most highly-recognized luxury brands on the planet, such as Audi, Infiniti, Jaguar, Nikon, Johnnie Walker, and Ritz-Carlton.

15 11, 2012

Nels Akerlund

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Nels Akerlund Photography offers architectural, commercial, editorial and wedding photography to a diverse global clientele. Their years of experience have given them the privilege to work with the National Geographic Society and the New York Times.

14 11, 2012

Cameron Davidson

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Cameron Davidson, a twenty-five year resident of the Washington DC metro area, is an award-winning aerial and portrait photographer. His images have illustrated stories in numerous publications including Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Preservation, Virginia Living, and Smithsonian magazines.

13 11, 2012

Tony Sweet

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Tony Sweet's work is published on calendars, post cards, posters, annual reports, greeting cards, catalogs, and electronic mediums. His fine art prints are exhibited in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, and he is represented by The Getty Picture Agency. His images are also used by Nikon, Singh Ray, Microtek, Alien Skin Software, nikSoftware, and others for national ad campaigns.

11 11, 2012

Jim Zuckerman

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Jim Zuckerman left his medical studies in 1970 to pursue his love of photography and turn it into a career. He has taught creative photography at many universities and private schools, including UCLA and Kent State University. He also leads many international photo tours to exotic destinations such as Kenya, Tanzania, Burma, Morocco, China, India, Eastern Europe, Peru and Turkey.