2 08, 2011

You just have to remember to…

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The following is an offshoot of the Simplify article. Oh man, I know we are in trouble when I hear a sentence of the form,

26 07, 2011


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By far, the most important lesson I have learned over the years is that simplicity is crucial. You might ask, "What part of the business

4 02, 2011

Who cares about seamless tiling? Twitter!

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If you ever filled a large area by repeating a small image then you have experienced the ugliness of images that don’t tile. You usually end up with sharp distracting cracks where the images meet. I bet you have seen this in the background of bad web sites!

29 12, 2010

3-D Printing

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I was amazed to find out that 3-D printing is affordable from a company named Shapeways. They can use a variety of materials, including steel and glass.

14 12, 2010

Inspiring and Cool Graphics Stuff!

By |December 14th, 2010|Fun, Design|Comments Off on Inspiring and Cool Graphics Stuff!

Here are a few videos that show off some inspiring digital art. I'm a big fan of graphics, 3D, and animation, so anything that inspires