29 11, 2011

Jeff’s favorite blogs and podcasts

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If you enjoy podcasts and blogs then you might like these. I do! Podcasts Radiolab: Science made fun, interesting, and beautiful. Here are some related videos.

19 10, 2011

Beware of foreign entanglements!

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In his farewell address George Washington didn't say those exact words, but his message was pretty clearly, "beware of foreign entanglements." Right on, brother, and it applies

12 10, 2011

Profit Sharing

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I am a big fan of profit sharing. We use a percentage of our profit for bonuses to all the employees. Bonuses are based on

10 10, 2011

What have you tried so far?

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Here is a great little management tool I learned from Fred Brooks when I went to school at UNC-Chapel Hill. He never used it on

7 10, 2011

Try it!

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A recent interview for our tech support position drove a point home for me. Here is the conversation I had with the candidate. Jeff: Suppose

23 09, 2011

Use your smart bombs now.

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Remember smart bombs in the video game Defender? Use one and everything on the screen explodes. You only have three, so of course you save

9 09, 2011

Share your knowledge.

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When I started writing about how we run Alien Skin Software a friend asked me if I was concerned about our competitors listening in. Not

5 09, 2011

Do something impressive between jobs.

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If you are between jobs then I encourage you to take advantage of all this wonderful free time. It is easy to get discouraged and

2 09, 2011

The Best Marketing

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The two best forms of marketing are great products and customer service. If you make great products then people come back to see what else

31 08, 2011

The Myth of the Great Idea

By |August 31st, 2011|Alien Skin Software, Philosophy, Business|6 Comments

As with many of these articles, I'm going to write about a misconception I had before I started a business. This one is that a