18 02, 2015

Perfectionism and Procrastination: Advice for Photographers

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You've heard of New Orleans wedding photographer gurus Heather and Jamie Schneider from Dark Roux Photography. We introduced them just a few weeks ago. Now they're back

26 08, 2014

Professional Photography Tips: Photographers and Profits

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One of the perks of my job is that I get to associate with awesome photographers. The best part is that they don’t think anything of

30 04, 2014

Our Giving Program, 2014 Edition

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One of the things I'm most proud of at Alien Skin is our annual giving program. Every member of our team joins in the process by choosing

26 07, 2013

Our Giving Program

By |July 26th, 2013|Announcements, Alien Skin Software, Fun, Philosophy, Business|3 Comments

At Alien Skin we have a unique giving program. Every year, each team member chooses a charitable organization for the company to donate $1,000 to.

23 05, 2013

Adobe Creative Cloud

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We have heard a lot of concern about Adobe's move to the Creative Cloud (CC). Here is what you need to know about it in relation

22 10, 2012

Alt Photo

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I'm pleased to introduce Alt Photo, our first photography app for the iPhone. Alt Photo puts some of our well researched film looks into a

19 09, 2012

The Best Features are Invisible

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When improving a product, many people have an instinct to add features that grab your attention. This usually involves new buttons and sliders. It's easy

15 08, 2012

Draw outside the lines!

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Our first product was Eye Candy and it was successful because it figuratively and literally drew outside the lines. The lines in question are the "marching ants"

29 06, 2012


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I stopped programming about six years ago. That used to be my passion. At times I have missed it, but the company needs me in

22 06, 2012

Don’t Work. Have Fun!

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When I was young I was confused by people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who kept working after they got rich. I