Perfect Portrait Photo Contest Winner

This is the winning submission of our Perfect Portrait photo contest with FJ Westcott. Congratulations to Alejandra Dodge from Lubbock, Texas! The grand prize for the contest is a copy of our advanced RAW editor Exposure X3 and a gift card from Westcott worth $250. Alejandra submitted her photo by including the contest hashtags #alienskinphotocontest, #perfectportraitphotocontest, and #alienskinexposure.

You can participate in our next photo contest by submitting your work with the new contest hashtags on Instagram and Facebook. We will make announcements on all our channels when our next contest begins. Keep watch here on the blog for more details.


Alejandra is a Venezuelan photographer who moved to America in 2013. She met her husband through Flickr while she was still living in Venezuela. When in Venezuela, Alejandra worked as a professional food photographer for chefs and restaurants, but her passion and focus was on portrait photography. Now she mainly operates out of her home studio in Texas, and she devotes her time to developing her skills at creating fantastic portraiture.

About the Winning Photo

We asked Alejandra about how she created her entry. She said, “For this image, I used Exposure to get the color balance I wanted. Before I started using Exposure, balancing skin tones was hard to get just right. With Exposure, I feels like I can get the exact skin tones I envision. I am very impressed with Exposure. It’s inspired me to revisit some of my older work and update my editing style. And I’m having a blast doing it! I am still learning Exposure’s capabilities, but it has really made my workflow easier and it lets me achieve the exact look I’m after.”


The photographers of these excellent images below also win a copy of our advanced, non-destructive RAW photo editor Exposure X3. Terrific work, everyone who entered!

Exposure X4

Try Exposure X4 free for 30 days, and discover a new world of creativity with gorgeous customizable looks and a complete set of editing and organizing tools.

About the Author:

Jimmy is on the marketing team at Alien Skin. He builds our training videos, writes for the blog, governs our social channels, and he is the self-proclaimed king of swag. He's also a professional photographer and a complete fitness nut.


  1. Louise Allerton June 6, 2018 at 8:27 pm - Reply

    Hi there
    Congratulations on all your wonderful images!
    I just have a question about workflow between PS and Blow UP. I just bought the software and want to get startes.
    Do I flatten images first and what do I save them as?
    I would really appreciate any feedback please.
    Kind regards

    • Jimmy Beech June 7, 2018 at 11:05 am - Reply

      Thanks for commenting, Louise. Blow Up is an automation plug-in, so it’s handled a little bit different than other Photoshop plug-ins, it lives in the File –> Automate menu.

      You don’t have to flatten files before using Blow Up. If you are using it to enlarge huge files, I recommend that you do. That way you have a working copy if the image and a saved flattened enlargement. The flat copy of your image will enlarge much more quickly than one with numerous layers.

      You might want to check out our Getting Started video to learn the basics. It may answer a lot of the questions you have about using Blow Up.

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