The upcoming Advanced Layers Update to Exposure X2 brings many exciting features. Here’s a summary of some that we didn’t cover in previous posts.

Manual Lens Correction

You can now toggle lens correction on or off, adjust lens distortion, and switch to a different lens profile.

New File Naming and Destination Options

You can make the year, month, and day be part of your exported file name. You can also organize your folders by capture time when using Exposure to copy photos from your card or export finished images to your computer.

Destination templates automate the placement of photos in subfolders, saving you from having to manually navigate to subfolders each time you upload or export.

Workflow Presets

Speed up copying from card and exporting with new workflow presets.

Speed improvements and Shortcut Keys

Use new shortcut keys to speed up metadata searching, preset searching and favoriting, and quick exporting.

Support for More Camera and Lenses

Support for new cameras from Canon, Fujifilm, and Samsung, along with new lenses from Fujifilm has been added.

High-DPI Support

Exposure’s interface now scales according to your display settings in Windows. This new feature joins the existing support for Retina displays on macOS.


Watch the video below to learn more about these new features.