Kyle Ford’s Removing Sensor Dust Exposure Tutorial

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Having a perfectly clean camera sensor isn’t always possible, especially when you’re out in the field shooting. Most of the time, you don’t see the effects of a dirty sensor until you’re copying photos to your computer for editing. And at that point, you need a quick, painless workflow to be rid of those pesky, dark sensor dust spots. In our latest tutorial, we recorded a video call with Kyle Ford as he demonstrated his technique for removing sensor dust spots using Exposure.

In the video, Kyle makes a lot of helpful suggestions, such as to first enhance the spots with quick adjustments so they are easy to find before fixing the sensor dust with Exposure’s spot heal tool. He places his temporary adjustments on a separate layer so he can remove them from the photo in a single click.

Learn from Kyle Ford’s sensor dust removal workflow. It will save you a lot of time over performing this operation by hand on each image. And you can save even more time by making a custom preset of your sensor dust removal effect for use in the future.

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    Absolutely brilliant!

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    Wonderful; many thanks for sharing!

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