Preview the latest update to our advanced RAW photo editor!

The Advanced Layers Update for Exposure is almost here! It’s bold step forward for Exposure
, our award-winning non-destructive RAW editor.

Exposures handles your full photography workflow. Use it to transition seamlessly between organizing, editing, retouching, exporting, and each step in between — all within a single user interface
. From capture to creativity, Exposure is the fastest way to bring your vision to life

What’s new?

Here are some of the notable features in this update:

Non-destructive layering system

Stack effects intuitively and with total control. Layers can be copied and pasted, turned on and off individually, applied to multiple images, and more. There’s no limit to the number of layers you can stack and blend, and Exposure makes it easy to manage them.

Two new flavors of preset

  • Vintage presets provide delicate, rich platinum tones characterized by warm blacks and expanded mid-tone grays, while new border overlays simulate the matte brushed region that surrounds the image

  • Bright presets provide light, low-contrast looks that are great for outdoor portraits and weddings 

Quick Exports

This feature is a real time saver. You can now export different image recipes simultaneously. Save variants for web, publishing, and more, each with different settings and to different folders. Our quick export profiles give you recipes for common social media and portfolio exports.

New File Naming and Destination Options

New file naming options allow use of capture time for more flexibility. Destination templates automate the placement of photos in subfolders, saving you from having to manually navigate to subfolders each time you upload or export.

Selective presets

Mix presets and edits, deciding on what adjustments to include or exclude when copying settings or creating user presets. 

Expanded camera support and manual lens correction

Adjust lens distortion, toggle lens correction, and select lens profiles.

High DPI support

Windows compatibility with 4K monitors
 now joins existing Retina display support on macOS.


Take a look at our playlist of What’s New videos for a quick visual tour of these new features.

If you own Exposure X2 or purchase it today, we’ll send you this update for free! If you own prior versions of Exposure, upgrade pricing is available at our store. If you haven’t used Exposure before, try it free for 30 days.