Portrait Touch Up Tutorial Video

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Exposure offers all the editing tools you need for portrait touch up. The easy-to-follow video tutorial below demonstrates how to use them in your workflow. Learn how to use the spot heal tool for retouching and cloning. You’ll also learn how to whiten teeth, enhance eyes, and soften skin.

Spot Heal & Clone Tool

Exposure X2 introduces the Spot Heal tool. It allows you to easily remove distracting elements from photos. You can remove blemishes and other distracting elements. This quick healing is great for fixing skin in portraits. You can also use it to clone areas, which works great for landscape shots, where there are areas with strong, straight patterns like grass or trees.

To see how useful the Spot Heal tool can be on non-portrait images, read this article by Kate Hailey.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening teeth to brighten up a smile is common practice in portrait touch-up workflows. Exposure’s teeth whitening editing process is simple to do, and easy to control. You won’t have to fiddle with curves and make multiple layers or selections. Simply paint the effect where you want it to be. You can easily adjust the strength of the look with the Opacity slider to perfectly dial it in for your image.

Iris Enhancement

The eyes are what draw viewers’ attention in most portraits. Making them pop and sparkle is great way to enhance your portraits. Exposure’s one-step solution for iris enhancement helps bring your subject to life. You can refine the effect as needed by tweaking controls in the Basic panel.

Soften Skin

Give your subjects silky smooth skin that retains its essential detail and texture. Instead of spending time painstakingly removing every imperfection one at a time, Exposure’s skin softening is a quick solution for textured skin types. The effect can easily be adjusted to achieve a subtle look.


Exposure X2’s editing tools are great solutions for your portrait touch ups. If you’re looking for a fast, intuitive photo editing solution, give Exposure X2 a try today.

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