Editing with Exposure is easy and straightforward. The software was developed with common photo editing scenarios in mind. Exposure’s brush tool offers a lot of useful editing functionality for any workflow. It was a new addition to version X. It allows you to perform basic retouching in Exposure, such as skin softening, teeth whitening or dodging and burning. It also allows you to apply effects in specific areas of your photos. And you don’t have to worry about switching back and forth between different software programs.

The video below demonstrates a simple workflow for layer stacking in Exposure X. You’ll see how a unique vignette application can even out an improperly lit shot. The tutorial takes it one step further by adding dodging, which lightens areas of the image. The look is complete by adding the Kodak Gold film preset.

Exposure X Editing – Stacking Effects

The preset developed during this video is available for download, here. You’ll need to r-click, choose “save as,” then pick the location (Desktop). Once it’s downloaded, double-click on the file to unzip. Then double click the preset file (with an F1S extension) and the Alien Skin settings router will install it into your Exposure presets library. You will need Exposure X to use it.

This video is one of many Exposure X tutorials on our website. And we’re always adding more.

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