Exposure X2 Sneak Peek – Portrait touchup with the Spot Heal tool

Have you ever needed to launch a separate image editor to do some minor touch up on a photo? In Exposure X2, you’ll be able to make those edits quickly and easily right in the program.

Our first sneak peek video shows off the new spot healing feature in Exposure X2. Now you can quickly remove distracting elements, such as skin blemishes for photo retouching, without having to switch to another app. Like everything else about Exposure, the Spot Heal tool is fast. Some other editing applications momentarily freeze or stutter after extensive brushing is performed. Exposure keeps up with you. Watch the video to see it in action!

Exposure X4

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About the Author:

Finley Lee is the CEO of Alien Skin Software. He's a hobbyist photographer, electric bass player, video gamer, bread baker, and experienced napper.

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  1. Camron Crouse August 19, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    I am so looking forward to this feature! I hope that if not implemented at rollout, the Spot Healing feature can in the future work like the Brush Tool, with controls for white balance, exposure, saturation, etc., for very fine blending/color matching control of healed spots. What I’m really saying is that the existing Brush Tool should gain the power to also perform Spot Healing… how powerful would that be?! Hoping the Exposure X code “under the hood” can allow for something like that down the line 😉

    Until that day, great work folks 🙂

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