Batch Editing with Exposure

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In photography, the term batch editing means applying edits to multiple images simultaneously. It’s a post-processing technique that allows for adjusting a bunch of images fast. If you have photos shot under similar lighting conditions, you can apply the same editing tweaks to all of them at once. A real-world example would be if you shot a wedding with an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception. Most of the shots taken outside would have similar enough lighting that all of them could be edited simultaneously. The same thing applies to the reception shots inside. Editing multiple images is useful for all kinds of photographers, and Exposure provides a number of tools to make it happen.

Use batch editing in Exposure to speed up your post-processing workflow

Exposure gives you a few different ways to batch edit. Let’s take a quick look at each of the techniques in the video tutorial. The Previous button allows you to apply a recently made edit to a group of shots. Once you’re happy with the look you developed, just select multiple images and apply the same effects to all of them with a click of the mouse. Exposure’s copy and paste preset feature comes in handy when you’re using the standalone app. You can revisit a past shoot, copy the edits you made, and paste the identical look into a new shoot, which gives your work a great deal of consistency. And you can always directly edit a group of images with the presets and/or the controls on the right-hand dock.

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