The Felix Kunze Video Project — Part Five: Lifestyle Photo Shoot Workflow

Welcome to the main event! The time has come for the last video in our series with Felix Kunze. All of us had a great time hanging with him during his visit to Alien Skin headquarters, and watching him in action during a lifestyle photo shoot.

lifestyle photo shoot © Felix Kunze

© Felix Kunze

In this in-depth portrait workflow tutorial, Felix shows you how he edits a few of the lifestyle photo shoot images that he took of Lou Jurkowski, one of Raleigh’s talented architects. He makes subtle tweaks to Exposure’s color saturation controls to enhance the vibrance of the skin, and he used a split toning preset to give it a slight cross-processed feel. The look was easily applied to all of the images in the group with a simple copy (⌘+C | Ctrl+C) and paste (⌘+V | Ctrl+V).

Here’s a quick recap of the series installments. Felix demonstrated his workflow in Exposure to color grade a series of vacation shots. Next was the behind the scenes shoot at the Raleigh Little Theatre with Sara Newton from the Carolina Ballet. Felix then used the color features in Exposure to control the look and feel. In the last video we joined Felix on a lifestyle photo shoot, where he shot Lou Jurkowski, one of Raleigh’s leading architects.

Thanks again to the team! Lou Jurkowski, Rebecca Faulk, Christopher Nieto, and Jeff Kolbfleisch. Ashley Bromirski was our makeup artist, and Matthew Melino from 6 Salon was our hair stylist.

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