The Felix Kunze Video Project — Part Three: Color Cast Adjustments

Now showing in theaters across the globe–the next tutorial of our Felix Kunze video project. W00t! Felix recorded a few videos during his recent visit to Alien Skin’s headquarters, and this is just one of them. If you missed out on the first few posts, links are here and here. Today’s video is all about color cast adjustments.

Pictured below are the final images Felix grabbed during the shoot with our local star from the Carolina BalletSara Newton. I absolutely love the beauty and grace of them. How about you?

Color Cast: Felix Kunze Ballerina 2 Alien Skin1

Here is a video which shows how Felix edited the image pictured above.

Felix uses the features in Exposure to control the color cast of the shots. He is an editorial portrait and fashion photographer, so this technique is frequently helpful in his work. Using the curves and color panels, he added a consistent color cast to all the images in the shoot.

Color Cast: Felix Kunze Ballerina 2 Alien Skin

Color Cast: Felix Kunze Ballerina 2 Alien Skin2

There’s more where this came from! Stay tuned.

Thanks again to the team! Sara NewtonRebecca Faulk, Christopher NietoJeff Kolbfleisch, and Ashley Bromirski was our make up artist.

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