Exposure is growing into a full-fledged photo organizer when it becomes Exposure X later this year. As we designed it, we focused on issues that currently drive us crazy in other products, with the goal of creating the best photo organizer available. Speed is near the top of the list. When you are working on thousands of photos, little delays add up to lost hours of time (and pieces of your sanity).


In working to create the best photo organizer, one of our strategies is to question assumptions. There are tedious tasks you might assume are necessary, but really are not. For instance, you can use Exposure X to simply navigate to a folder and instantly see the photos in it. You don’t need to do an import step like Lightroom and Aperture require.

Another simplification is that Exposure X does not have user interface modules. In Lightroom you frequently need to switch between the Library and Develop modules to access different features. That is slow and ties up a little part of your brain constantly asking, “Which module am I in?” In Exposure X all your tools are available all the time, so you can quickly do some photo edits even if you are in the middle of culling or file organization.


Another of our strategies is to make Exposure X smarter. Examples can be found in file browsing, which is where we all spend a lot of time. As you look at one photo, Exposure X intelligently guesses which other photos you will visit next and gets them ready for display.

Exposure’s top priority is to react immediately when you press a key or click the mouse, so displaying something is better than making you wait. If the full resolution photo is not ready, Exposure displays a low resolution version and then updates it as there is time. Often that is all you need because you are rapidly flying through a photo set looking for a certain scene. When you stop, Exposure quickly refines the photo.

We focus on invisible features like speed and simplicity because those help you forget about your tools and fully concentrate on your photos.

Exposure X will be available before the end of 2015. Anyone who purchased Exposure 7 will automatically receive Exposure X for free as soon as it is ready.

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