The winner of the Photo of the Month award for July is this great shot from our Flickr group entitled Blackbird Espresso by -Kai2-.

This is a very simple photograph at first glance but it has a lot going on in terms of composition and, of course, the clever play on words with the blackbird in flight just nails the moment. With so many lines and textures going on, you’d normally expect to see an image like this in black and white, but the colour toning works well and gives the photo a warm feel. It all comes together to make a very successful image indeed.

Big congrats to –Kai2- who will be receiving an Alien Skin t-shirt and our Photo Bundle for her efforts. Well done!

Don’t forget to submit your images to our Flickr and Facebook groups. You’ll be eligible to compete for our Photo of the Month and Photo of the Quarter Awards. If you missed it, details of our recent Photo of the Quarter winner and the amazing prizes that were given away are here.