As the week gently rolls by, there’s one word that we all have in the back of our minds: Fridaylicious. A day full of sweet and savory memories from all of the hoops we’ve all jumped through this week. Best thing to do? Look at a few top picks from our followers online, of course.

The ‘Flickr Friday’ series has officially retired at this point. It’s replacement: Friday Faves. That’s not to say we’ve quit monitoring the Flickr group–we’ve just shifted around a few things in order to be a little more transparent, and let all of you beautiful people get involved, too. Sir Joseph Raymond Payne Esq. shared more details about the changes in the Photo of the Month article. Head over there to read up on the new rules.

Without further ado, below are the cream of the crop for the week.

Image © Howard Ashton-Jones

Image © Gabriel FW Koch

Image © Levi Tonkin

Image © Nani Annette

Image © Robert Hamilton

Image © John Elliott