Derek Zoebelein — March’s Flickr Photo Of The Month

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Blog, meet Derek Zoebelein, March’s Flickr winner.

Derek_Z_3Derek started growing his love for photography at a young age. His family’s appreciation for the art strengthened his own. A European aunt taught him the joys of travel photography, which solidified his interest. His close family’s influence played a big role in his development and passion too. Ever since his first Minolta, he’s always had a camera within arm’s reach.


Derek grew up in the age of computers. Even though he loved the look and feel of film, he waited for the change to digital with bated breath. When digital cameras started to gain ground, he made the plunge. Even though he works in a digital workflow, Derek prefers manual focus glass. His reasoning is that he’s forced to slow down and work to get the right shot the first time.


Derek really likes to photograph. He’s shot plenty of different subjects from architecture, or landscapes, to macro, or portraiture. Regardless of the type of photography he’s shooting, he keeps his style. Isolated subjects are his thing. He doesn’t want the subject to get lost by other distractions in the photo.


He loves digital photography but is a purist at heart. His eyes still prefer the look of film. For him, Exposure is the perfect solution to his problem. With it, he gets the best parts of analog and digital.


Derek said, “Exposure is much more than just a film emulation software. Use it to adjust curves, sharpen, or even add blur effects. It’s easy to make your image look like it was shot on film or just take it up a notch. I use presets as a starting point, then I’ll add a custom mix-and-match and turn a regular photo into something special. The magnitude of possible combinations makes Exposure a lot of fun to use, too. The best part is the speed and simplicity of the tool.”


This shot was part of a series of photos that Derek took during a snowstorm in Ontario, Canada a few years ago. It’s a favorite location of his. He’s recently started processing some of his older photos with Exposure, and he’s really happy with the results. On the winning shot, he used ‘B&W Films – Agfa APX 25’ preset and brightened the image with a simple curve.


Great story, Derek. Thanks for sharing!

Check out more photos from Derek on Flickr.

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