The release of Exposure 5 is just around the corner in June. Last month I wrote about the big redesign of the user interface. Now I’ll focus on the the texture overlay system.

Texture Overlays in Exposure 4

In Exposure 4, on the Age Tab there is a group of controls labeled Texture. This system overlays analog features on your photo. Early versions of Exposure simulated scratches mathematically, but we found that it looked too artificial. Now these features come from scans of real photos.

What’s New in Exposure 5

In early versions of Exposure, we provided dust, scratches, and rough borders, so “texture” seemed like a good name. In Exposure 4 we included light leaks. Exposure 5 provides more versions of those effects, and expands into old print borders and sun flares. I usually refer to this wide range of features as “overlays” since texture is just part of it.

You’ll find the overlay effects in the new Borders & Textures area on the right side of the Exposure 5 user interface, as seen below. Click for a larger version.

Exposure 5 texture user interface Photoshop plug-in

In Exposure 5, you can now separately control overlays from the Border, Light Effects, and Dust & Scratches categories. For more variety and control, they can be randomized, flipped, zoomed, and inverted.

One of my photos is shown below after two treatments with overlay effects. I used a distressed old border, a paper print border, subtle scratches, and one of the new light effects from the Sun Flares category for morning sunlight in fog. I used the improved Protect feature to keep the bird clear. In Exposure 5 you can move the center of the protected region and control its strength. For a scene with a person, I would use it to keep scratches off their face.

bird on thorn bush - texture treatment with Exposure 5 Photoshop plug-in

bird on thorn bush - black and white treatment with Exposure 5 Photoshop plug-in

When can I get it?

Exposure 5 will be out in June. When it is ready we will announce it here, in social media, and e-mail. You can get on our e-mail list by scrolling to the bottom of any page on our web site. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you don’t own Exposure yet then you don’t need to wait for Exposure 5 to come out. If you purchase Exposure 4 in March, 2013 or later then we will e-mail you Exposure 5 for free as soon as it is ready.