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If you’ve never heard of Clear Magazine, check it out. It’s a beautiful fashion, art, luxury, and design publication. Each issue is a work of art. The man responsible for it is Emin Kadi. Below is a little more about him.

Emin’s story began in architecture school. While there, he fell in love with photography and the darkroom. He learned photography backwards–first the darkroom, then the camera. This new media captivated him from the first roll of film he shot.

Emin has spent 22 years as a photographer; roughly half of this time was spent shooting film, the other half, digital.

He’s self-taught, learning through hands-on experience in the field using various cameras. He’s shot fashion in over 10 countries. His work can be seen in both fashion magazines and campaigns such as Italian Vogue, Prim, WestEast magazine, PDN, Dwell, and Picture. He’s also a regular contributor to Clear.

In 2001 he founded Clear Magazine. This move started with his artistic vision. He wanted more control over the content he submitted for publication. It was a bold move, and it’s working. Since it’s conception, the magazine has won multiple design awards such as the prestigious Gold Ink award in ’04, ’05, and again in ’09.

Emin admits that being his own publisher is a lot of work. He said, “If I knew how much work it would take, I probably wouldn’t of done it, but I love the artist parts of my job.”

Most print magazine sales have declined as tablet sales have risen, but ClearMag is doing better than ever. Along with the printed editions, Emin and his app development company Dfiant Media have made Clear Magazine an industry leader. It’s the most interactive magazine in the world on the iPad, taking art, luxury, and fashion into high tech.

Emin is an Exposure advocate. He said, “I used to experiment with films and processes like pushing, pulling, and tinting. Now, the initial thought process of film selection and pre-visualization is gone. That is, up until I found Alien Skin’s Exposure.

For the last 11 years, I spent my creative photography time correcting color and fighting for mediocre results. The digital color space, conversions, and proofing processes were extremely tedious. For what I do, Exposure is magic! I can’t believe how easy the results come together in final image creation. What’s more important is that historic film types and processes will now live beyond scarcity or extinction.

Now Exposure is my first step in post production. I’m excited to see what the Alien Skin team comes up with next… hopefully a program for video!”


More references: Emin’s Wiki, Emin’s Photography Website, ClearMag.com, or Download Clear Magazine iPad App

Check out some of Emin’s work below.

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