Colorized History

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Michael Zhang on gathered together an impressive collection of historical photos in his recent Colorizing Photoshoppers article. All of the shots in the article have been meticulously colorized.

The subreddit group responsible for these amazing works come fromĀ ColorizedHistory, a group of Photoshoppers on Reeddit. They are a community of people interested in creating colorized versions of historical B&W shots.

Below are just a few of the shots from the group. Check out the article, or the subreddit group for more.


Photo by Mathew Brady of General Joseph Hooker, taken in 1862.


Colorized version by Mads Madsen, user Zuzahin.

See more of Mads Madsen’s work on his website or Facebook.


Photo by Dorothea Lange titled “Georgia peach pickers eating”, taken in 1936.


Colorized version by Jordan J. Lloyd.

See more of Jordan’s work onĀ Facebook.

Winston Churchill, 1941. Colorized by Klassixx.

Oscar II, King of Sweden and Norway, 1880. Colorized by mygrapefruit.

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