We all know that we should take a break every hour or so while working. Get up and walk around. Stop looking at a screen. Even take a nap once in a while. I think you should also take a break from your work at a higher level.

It is easy to let your job take over your life. If you find yourself dwelling on your job even at night and weekends then you need another activity to engage your mind. Get a hobby, preferably one that is very different from what you spend most of your time doing. For me that is fossil hunting. In my day job I sit in front of a computer all day, collaborate with a team, and focus on making money. When I’m fossil hunting I am outdoors playing in the dirt, usually by myself, and it doesn’t cost any money or make me any money. I love it!

Fiddling with work in your off hours might seem productive, but it can make you mentally tired. Your mind needs variety just like your body does. Take a break. You’ll be happier and more effective when you get back to work.

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