Shabnam Khosrowshahi was one of the 2011 “Thanks for Sharing Awards” winners. She shared her editing workflow for her winning shot pictured below.

Here is what Shabnam had to say: “This particular image was taken in July at Toronto’s Music Garden. I used a Canon T1i with an EF 100 2.8L IS USM lens. First, I did some fade correction and played with the levels in Photoshop. Then I added Exposure to the mix. Most of my photos are touched by Exposure at some point. I used the KodaColor 1942-53 preset in the Color Fading category for this shot. I generally turn off grain and increase sharpening. I added a blue tone to soften this image up, but not much more was done.”

Take a look through some of Shabnam’s other work on Flickr or her website. Below are just a few that caught my eye.